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Missing Measurements in Wellness Report

More information on why a scan report could have missing data

Scans can have missing data for a variety of reasons, but the most common issues we see are when there is hair covering the neck (long hair in the back or even beards in the front) and when the ProScanner is not able to differentiate between body parts (such as the right and left thigh, the waist to hips, etc). These missed data points will result in a 0 measurement for the corresponding data points, which will result in a "0" for the rest of the wellness metrics, such as body fat percentage. Please feel free to review the image below.


Please ensure that hair is kept up as high and tight as possible, away from the neckline to prevent this issue. You also want to make sure to stand in an A-frame pose so that the scanner can gather a good set of data. If any of those measurements report as zero, it prevents the proper calculation of the wellness numbers. Please be sure to follow best scan practices as listed in this Measurement Guide article and this Scan Guidelines graphic.


If you do find that one or more of your measurements have been reported as zero, you'll need to try to scan again to gather a good set of data.