Body Shape Rating (BSR)

More information of Fit3D's Body Shape Rating wellness metric.

Changes to the Body Shape Rating (BSR) on the Dashboard

Body Shape Rating is a wellness score based on the relationship of your body shape to cardiovascular-related risk factors. It answers the question, "Is my body shape making it more likely for me potentially develop certain cardiovascular-related health issues?"

What's new?

BSR is rated on a 0-100 range where 50 is average and the higher the score the lower the risk.

The idea is that we wanted to provide a clearer picture of the top of the bell curve and that the majority of individuals will fall near either side of the top of the bell.

We understand that this is most likely showing a significantly different number than most users previously saw, but that is simply because of how we are now calculating the average.

More information on Body Shape Rating (BSR)


Fit3D extracted SBSI, ABSI, Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio, body fat percentage, and BMI from more than 26,000 scans. Fit3D then evaluated the correlation between each algorithm and calculated the weighted values for the health risk outcomes based on the overall Fit3D user population. This results in a Body Shape Rating (BSR). A user can then understand how their body shape wellness compares with the rest of the Fit3D population.

Ways to Improve

The primary way to improve your BSR is to increase the density of your body, build the muscle in your legs, and decrease your waist circumference.

This can be done through a balanced mix of good nutrition and exercise. Consult with your trainer, nutritionist, coaches, or doctors to set up a plan.


To better understand ABSI, SBSI, Body Fat Percentage and Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio, please refer to the descriptions below or the research from the following links:


The Fit3D formula for calculating BSR is proprietary.