Fit3D Certification Course

This is a fully virtual, self-paced course that walks you through how to get started on using your new Fit3D ProScanner. We advise all new owners and staff take this course.

You can access the Fit3D Certification Course directly by clicking here.

The Fit3D certification course is a full walkthrough on how to set up your scanner and take proper scans, how to analyze a Fit3D scan report, how to market your scanner, how to retain clients using Fit3D...and more!


To confirm this is a fully virtual, self-paced course that takes about 1 hour to finish (but you can stop and start as needed.)


Please ensure that each of your staff enrolls separately, so they each can complete the course and become Fit3D Certified!


If you still encounter issues, please go to to submit a request and connect with our Support team.