Fit3D ProScanner Dimensions & Spacing

Dimensions and space requirements for the Fit3D ProScanner

Below are the dimensions and space requirements for the Fit3D ProScanner:

  • Scanner height: 71.5 inches or 182 cm
  • Scanner length from the back of the tower to the back edge of the turntable: 65.25 in or 166 cm
  • Turntable width: 38 inches or 97 cm

Shipping Dimensions

ProScanner Dims (w/o Pallet, box and parts only):

  • 48x42x6 - Box 1 Accessories @ 50 lbs (estimated)
  • 48x42x6 - Box 3 Turntable @ 125 lbs (estimated)
  • 39x12x15 - Box 2 v4.0 Camera Tower @ 18 lbs (estimated)

Setting Up Your Equipment & Establishing a Safe Scanning Zone.

Following these Guidelines will ensure the best scan quality for your customers.  

  • Keep a 1-foot area area from the scanner clear. 
    This includes chairs, plants, shoes, mirrors, trash cans, etc.   If you have items here, they might be picked up by the 3D sensors and cause scan errors or failures. 
  • No Natural Light in the Room. 
    Sunlight includes infrared light (IR) which can impact scan quality. 
    The sensors on our unit detect IR light. Additional sunlight 
  • No Reflective Surfaces in view of Cameras. 
    Reflective surfaces can reflect IR light to the cameras which can impact scan quality. 

Required spacing for the system:

78 inches x 62 inches or 198 cm x 157 cm