Phone Number for Fit3D Support?

Fit3D offers outbound troubleshooting calls when required.

Fit3D is very responsive on support tickets.   Let me explain the policy & then tell you why. 

Our SLA on the 1st touch of support tickets via emails is under 4 hours during business hours.  Most of our tier 1 & tier 2 tickets are solved the same day.  We changed many of our procedures in the last year to be as responsive as possible & lower the SLAs per ticket. 

Fit3D offers outbound zoom calls for certain levels of Tier 2 & Tier 3 troubleshooting. 

We do not offer inbound support calls for the 1st touch of a support ticket. But, we do make scheduled troubleshooting calls an option for customers when it's needed.  There is a narrative that we don't have a phone line, that's not true. 

 We solve a few hundred support tickets from 100's of clients and users of our platform a week.  This range's from a range of issues from "where can I find my password" to "how can I set up a new member of my staff."  The point here is that we found out that we could help more customers faster via email versus phone alone.  But, when needed, and you ask, we'll schedule a call with you if that will help diagnose the issue. 

What does this mean for Fit3D Clients?

  1. Please submit a support ticket.  A lot has changed in the last year & we're really responsive.  You can submit one here OR simply email  Our goal here is responsiveness to get you up & running asap – not necessarily the mode of communication itself. 
  2. Please follow these Tips for what to Include on your Support ticket!
    1. Try & powercycle your unit first. This fixes most common software/hardware issues. 
    2. Document any errors or concerns you have – details help!  Ex. Showing a picture of a screen will help us find what the issue is versus telling us "it's not working."  Videos, Photos, & specific details help us quickly diagnose what you are seeing. 
    3. Lastly, if you can, provide your Scanner ID (barcode if you can't find that), email address of client, or any specific identifiers so we can quickly look up your machine remotely.  This will save us both time to help you out faster!  
  3. Please be aware we are on West Coast Time (PST).  If you email us at 6am EST, and we open at 9am PST, we are not ignoring you, we haven't opened yet. 
  4. Also be aware that we try & help out critical issues first.  If you had 1 client fail out of 5, and another client is "down," we are going to try & help that other client first. 

    We understand that any pause to your operations can be painful to a small business owner.  We are fully aware of that & our team is dedicated to making sure we resolve your issues as fast as possible. 

    Thank you.