How to take a Proper Scan

We discuss how to take a proper FIT3D Scan to ensure that you get good data

The FIT3D ProScanner does not scan through clothes or hair, so in order to get a proper scan you'll need to make sure you follow the scan guidelines below. There are also 2 video links that help to illustrate proper scanning practices.

Prepare for a Scan

  • Wear minimal amounts of form-fitting clothing
    • Men - compression shorts 
    • Women - Sports bra and underwear or tight-fitting shorts
  • Tie all hair above your neck
    • Hair needs to be fully up above the neckline exposing the back of the neck
  • Ensure proper posture
    • Arms and legs need to be straight and down in an “A” frame pose

How to take a scan

  • Make sure to keep your head still during the entire scan process
  • Make sure to stay completely still during the scan process
  • Take shallow breaths during the scan process

Check Scan Environment

  • Make sure there is nothing within 2 feet of the turntable or camera tower
  • Make sure that there are no mirrors or reflective surfaces behind the turntable 
  • Make sure that there is no direct sunlight shining on the cameras or the user


The Proscanner is a measuring device, much like a scientific instrument, and is only capable of giving good results when it is provided with consistent and precise input through best scanning practices. Because all of the measurements are tied to one another, if any one of these guidelines isn't followed, results can vary drastically.