Incorrect Weight

This article addresses common issues regarding incorrect weight on Fit3D ProScanner

Scales can have variations depending on how and when they were calibrated. If you set six digital scanners next to each other and weigh in on each, they will all likely have a slightly varied result. We have seen that our scales may have up to a 2-3% variability when comparing to home scales. Please note that our scale is produced according to commercial standards. 


That being said, the ProScanner is not meant to be just a scale - it's meant to be an assessment tool for your facility that measures circumference measurements and provides body metrics so clients know how they can improve.


For the sake of consistency, however, clients are able to change their weight on their accounts if they believe that the weight is incorrect. Please review the instructions below that can be provided to your clients:


If your Height/Weight was not captured or input incorrectly please follow the steps below to edit/input that information.


Login at


Select the "Fitness" Icon from the menu


Open your results and scroll until you see the "Body Composition" tab


Select "Weight" and then simply input the correct metrics.

[Please note inaccurate inputs may affect Body Fat Percentage]