Scans and Medical Records Compliance

This article helps to address questions regarding how/when scans are considered medical records and require compliance with government regulations (ie HIPAA)

The Fit3D ProScanner and the scans provided by Fit3D are meant to help track one's measurements and progress when following various physical health programs such as for weight loss, muscle building, posture improvements, and so on.
The information that is gathered on our scanner is kept in our databases and does not directly interact with a patient's medical records, therefore they are kept completely separate. Because of this, scans taken with Fit3D are not subject to HIPAA regulations.

If the information is taken from the scan and added manually to a patient's records, then it is up to the facility who is storing this information to ensure that they are complying with any health data compliance regulations.
That being said, please note that Fit3D understands and respects your right to privacy, which is why your scans are always protected and limited information shown, unless you specify otherwise for your trainer, coach, etc.