Pre-Register your Clients

Clients can sign up for an account ahead of their scan. They can register their account from home ahead of a visit.

We often get asked if clients have to sign up ONLY on the iPad/ tablet.  The answer is no. 

Anyone can create an account by going to our website & hitting the login button.  We also created a shortcut so you can direct people to

Note: If you personally have an account, it may auto log into the Fit3D portal. But for all new users, it will bring them to the signup page. 

For example, you can send a client this note ahead of their visit. 

"Dear client, please pre-register for your Fit3D Scan ahead of your visit by going to to create your account.  This will save you time on your first visit with us. Please remember the password & email account you used to sign up for when we see you for your first scan.  Look forward to seeing you soon!  - Coach 

This does 2 things for your clients: 
1. They can enter in all their info on a keyboard easily instead of a tablet.  Some operators think this is a better experience so they do not have to be in minimal clothing or type with their pointer fingers. 

2. This saves you time.  If a client pre-registers, they can simply walk up to the scanner & login as usual. 

Please note: Your customer will have to remember their password from when they pre-registered.