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Scan Processing Times

Understanding Fit3D's scan processing times and why your scan processing times may seem too slow

Fit3D processes scans captured from your facility in the Fit3D Cloud.  You can read more about it here (blog article link).


There are a few things that can cause scans processing to take a variable amount of time:

Service Plan

If you are on our Standard, Plus, or Premium Service Plan (learn more about our Service Plans) your scans will be processed by our newest processing servers and will generally process 5-10 times faster than customers on our Basic Service Plan.

If you are experiencing slow scan processing times and you'd like to ensure that they are faster, there is a solution.  You can sign up for one of our Service Plans, which comes with faster scan processing times (signup link) or you can reach out to the Fit3D Service Team to inquire about upgrading your plan.


Your Facilities Upload Speed

Your upload speeds.  If your scans seem to be processing too slow, please check your upload speeds.  Our agreements require that Fit3D units have access to internet that has at least 2Mbps of upload speed.  

We recommend using a speed test like Fast (www.fast.com) to review your upload speed results.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to click "Show more info" to see your upload speed.

If your upload speed is below 2Mbps, the raw data from the scan capture process from your Fit3D unit won't even get to our processing servers. 

EXAMPLE: If your upload speed is 2Mbps, scans from your facility will take 5.33 minutes just to reach the Fit3D Cloud.  They will be processed after that.



Time of Day

While most of our servers are in the cloud, allowing us to expand resources as needed... our scan processing servers are GPU based servers, which are very expensive.  Due to this, we have a finite number of scan processing servers.   

We attempt to ensure that there are enough scan processing servers to provide reasonable bandwidth, however, there will be  certain times on certain days where our servers may get slammed with hundreds of scans in a few minutes.  This will force our scan processing servers to queue scans on a first come first serve basis, which will ultimately slow down scan processing times.



If a fast scan processing time is critical for your business, we strongly recommend upgrading your service plan to either our Standard, Plus, or Premium plan.  We also recommend checking your upload speeds and working with your internet provider to have speeds greater than 10Mbps.


Thank you for being a valued Fit3D Customer.