Scan Status

Information on the different scans statuses and what they mean

Completed Scan Status: 

The ProScanner was able to successfully complete the scan and has sent the scan information to be processed and compiled into a 3D avatar for you. Results can be accessed via the email or your scan dashboard at

  • On occasion it is possible that a scan will successfully complete, but then fail during processing. This typically means that there was excessive movement, light interference, or other issue that caused the scan to fail during processing.


Uploading Scan Status:

Scan got stuck in the uploading phase. Every scan that is captured is composed of an incredible amount of raw information. We securely encrypt and upload to our servers so that we can get you an amazing model of yourself. Once you step off the scanner, we start the upload process immediately.

Most scans will finish processing and be available in a matter of minutes. Occasionally, there are delays in the process.

A couple of common causes of delayed processing:

  • Internet connection is very slow or disconnected
  • ProScanner laptop or tablet is shut down before your info could finish uploading

To troubleshoot you can restart the tablet/computer to resume uploads or check your wifi connection. Sometimes if the information was gathered, we are able to reprocess these scans and recover the data. Other times, you will need to scan again to get a good set of data.


Failed Scan Status:

The ProScanner was not able to successfully complete the scan. You will need to scan again or if the issues persists, your facility can try power cycling the scanner.


Still having trouble?

Send Support a message here - we'll be happy to assist with next steps!