Sensor Connection Error - V5 Occipital Sensor Calibration

Please follow the steps in this article to run a calibration of the V5 Occipital Sensors.


**Note: Sensor calibration only applies to the V5 ProScanner.

Ensure that the room housing the ProScanner is as well-lit as possible (without natural lighting) for calibration purposes.

  1. After setting up your system, once you open the Fit3D app on the tablet you may see a request to update the app. Please be sure to run this update and any future updates promptly* as they are there to ensure you have all the necessary software to operate your ProScanner.
  2. Once you have run any necessary updates, you will proceed to calibrating the camera sensors:
    • Open the Fit3D app and allow the initial diagnostics screen to complete its four tests
    • After the tests are completed, click on the "Advanced Diagnostics" button
  3. You will be prompted with three different diagnostics tests that require your assistance.
    1. Check Weight Scale -> Stand on the printed feet of the turntable and wait for the diagnostic to pass.
    2. Check Buttons -> Follow the screen prompts and test the handle buttons (Left button clicked, right button clicked, and lastly both buttons clicked).
    3. Calibrate Cameras -> Ensure that the housing room is well lit; as close to normal scanning conditions as possible (no natural light or reflections). 

    4. Click the "Calibrate" button to begin calibrating the cameras. This will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will produce a checkmark when done.
      • Please ensure that no one is standing on the turntable and reduce the amount of movement or "noise" in front of the ProScanner entirely for a full 5 minutes while the cameras are calibrating. If these conditions are not completed as instructed, then you will have to start over again from the beginning.


After completing these steps, please run the ProScanner through a full power cycle. Take 2-3 test scans to ensure that your unit is back in full operation.


* Please do NOT update your V5 scanner to Windows 11. If you have, please submit a request to our team.