Tablet Won't Power On

If you are seeing a black screen or your tablet is not receiving power, follow the troubleshooting steps below


Behind the bezel of the mounted tablet, you should be able to feel the angled connector that is used to connect the power supply to the tablet. It'll be the connection point closest to the power button on the tablet.

If this angled connector is loose, it's possible that the tablet is simply out of power as it wasn't able to charge correctly. Please ensure that the angled connector is fitted to the tablet and let it charge for about 3 minutes before attempting to power it back on. If there is no angled connector piece, please unplug and re-connect the cable, making sure it is fully seated into the port.


If the issue persists, I'd recommend removing the tablet from the bezel and checking the connections closer, as they do in this video.


Please note that the tablets require the power adapters that come with CHUWI tablet to charge - attempting to use other chargers may not be compatible and won't charge the device.