What is the Posture analysis about?

Information on Posture, Tilt, Shift and Balance below

I have included more information on Posture, Tilt, Shift and Balance below.

  • Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting.
  • Tilt is defined as a part of the body that moves into a sloping position and the rate at which it slopes in any one direction.
  • Shift is the 'sliding' movement forward, backward, left or right, a slight change or variation in position from the center point.
  • Balance is simply the distribution of weight across the four panels represented in your report. An imbalance can be due to many things but can be improved with core strengthening exercises.
All of these points combined make up the posture analysis and can be utilized in addressing and improving the overall health and wellness of your client.
The Fit3D Posture Analysis Service is a fantastic tool to show your customers the shifts and tilt imbalances in their bodies. As you may know, posture imbalance is a leading cause of chronic pain, especially in the back and shoulders.

Understanding this information through the Fit3D Posture Analytics Service gives you and your client the ability to modify or create programming to correct the client’s posture and to show them the progress that they’ve made.