Why don't my Wellness Metrics show up?

This article explains why sometimes a scan will show 0 metrics for the Wellness categories such as BSR, BMI, and Body Fat.

Have you ever logged in to view your scan and seen missing wellness metrics? 



Don't worry, it doesn't mean you don't exist! As you may know, wellness metrics like Body Fat percentage can provide valuable insight into a users body composition and aid in evaluating overall user wellness. We have researched and developed our own proprietary method for evaluating Body Fat percentage based on the hundreds of measurements collected for every scan, starting from your neck and going all the way down to your ankles. These measurements are the basis for the calculation.  


If the measurements taken during the scan are off for some reason, then we don't have the appropriate information to give you an accurate Body Fat percentage or other wellness numbers.  Hair and loose clothing can cause limb measurements to fail and report as zero since the cameras won't be able to pick up the different body parts, which will prevent the values from being calculated (ever try multiplying anything by '0'?).

The most common interference we see is from hair being left down and covering the neck.  Hair should be up and above the neckline, allowing full visibility of the neck for measuring. 



Screen_Shot_2017-08-09_at_11.32.59_AM.png NOT GOOD - HAIR BLOCKING NECK 

Hair covering the neck will block body fat percentage numbers and body shape ratings. 

Screen_Shot_2017-08-09_at_11.32.44_AM.pngGOOD - HAIR UP & CLEAR OF NECK 

This allows for system to calculate proper circumference measurements.  


If you do find that one or some of your measurements have been reported as zero, then you'll need to try your scan again to get a good set of data.  

Good scans lead to great data for you and your coaches!