My ProScanner doesn't work, what do I do?

If your ProScanner is having issues, please follow the steps below to begin troubleshooting.

Step 1 - It is best to always start with a Power Cycle, as that in and of itself can oftentimes resolve any issues that may come up with the ProScanner.


Step 2 - Check for Windows updates. Sometimes your unit will begin to experience issues when it is operating on older versions of the Windows software. Be sure to keep your unit up to date with Windows updates as needed.


Step 3 - Check your ProScanner app and make sure you have the correct, up-to-date version for your unit.


Step 4 - If the issues still persist, contact the Fit3D Service Team for help, be sure to include the images gathered during the power cycle as that contains helpful information in diagnosing the root cause of the issue.